U.S. Air Force WSCRS Project

Weapon System Cost Retrieval System.

The Legacy WSCRS system is Mainframe/COBOL Based and the MSG Financial Systems Program Office (MSG/FNF) needed to upgrade the technology used in the program.On 22 July 2003, the SPO awarded a 5-year contract (base year plus 4 option years) to OSTC to perform integration work on the Weapon System Cost Reporting System (WSCRS). The project consists of converting and integrating programs from IBM Mainframe COBOL to Visual Basic and C++ to be run in the Windows 2000 environment and finally to a fully web-enabled system.

This project includes the application of technologies such as SQL Server, Analysis Services, Data Transformation Services, VM Scripting, Visual Basic Version 6, VB.Net, IIS, C++, Oracle, Mainframe COBOL, and numerous testing tools.

The project is currently underway. The OSTC project team is working in an IPT environment with government SPO and customer personnel. The first task was to develop the project work breakdown structure and apply time estimates to the individual work units to build the project schedule. The PMO and the Customer meet with the project team on a weekly basis and discuss project status and any issues. Additionally, OSTC provides status against the schedule every two weeks. The project is currently almost a month ahead of schedule.

The team is beginning to integrate the CAPRS and WSCRS workloads. Working closely with the users of these systems, the team is creating high quality deliverables within cost and schedule parameters. The project team has a good working relationship with its government counterparts (PMO and Customer). OSTC is genuinely dedicated to project success and OSTC management is highly responsive to the PMO. All CDRLs have been comprised of quality work and delivered on time.