U.S. Air Force
Cost and Production Reporting System

One Star's technicians support the CAPRS Project.

An Incredible Success Story!


The legacy CAPRS system was a client/server implementation on an old Oracle platform. The system had not been written using a proper lifecycle plan and was not documented and full of bugs. All of the business rules were written into the code. One Star personnel re-wrote the system from the ground up using MS-SQL Server and MS-VB.Net. All of the business rules are now encoded into the database as various constraints, foreign keys, and triggers. The code is now available on the web and the user base is adjusting to the new environment.

This system collects information from a variety of financial and logistics systems and applies user corrections to the data to produce the "1397" report for Air Force Staff at the Pentagon.

The staff of One Star Technologies Corporation is ready to take on the tough challenges found in today's government/military environments. We have the contacts and know how to get the job done.