U.S. Air Force - Automated Project Order
(APO) System

One Star's technicians support the APO Project (also known as J025A).

One of the most innovative modernizations in the Air Force!

This is a mainframe CA-Datacom/DB and CA-Ideal system that has been web enabled directly from the mainframe. This system takes advantage of improvements in IBM and CA software to replace the old "dumb" terminal interface with HTML that is sent to and from web browsers. Unlike most web-enablement projects that rewrite all of the code, this system was modernized in place without a major re-write. All of the existing business logic has been kept untouched while the screen I/O was replaced with HTML. This was one of the quickest, smartest, and most efficient web enablement projects ever done at AFMC.

APO supports around 600 users at all the AFMC depots and provides automated interfaces with the USAF standard financial systems.