U.S Air Force

One Star has worked several projects at 554 ELSG at Wright Patterson Air Force Base over the past two decades. Our work has included the following tasks.

• Primary contractor responsible for 554 ELSG/FN systems; CAPRS, WSCRS, and APO.

• Acted as liaison between the 554 ELSGand DISA organization.

• Maintained SPI Tracking tool programming in MS-Access.

• Coordinated upgrade from MVS to OS/390.

• Facilitator for high level management meetings.

• Software package evaluation and recommendation.

• Coordinating major operating environment changes between all ELSG organizations.

• Performing feasibility studies for proposed technical changes.

• Monitoring Mainframe performance management.

• Collecting data regarding the operating environment infrastructure.

• Coordinating the resolution of system problems.

• Lead the Integrated Process Team (IPT) for mainframe performance management.

• Lead IPT to convert 554 ELSG systems from CA-Datacom/DB to Oracle.